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Philadelphia Men's Grooming

Why visit an ordinary barbershop when you can take indulgence to a whole new level of sophistication at our Center City salon? Whether you are a Philadelphia gentleman, a weary traveler, or a sportsman who's feeling the strain of victory, our exclusive skin treatments, soothing massages and spa experiences are designed to help you revitalize your skin, nails and aching muscles in the most stylish of surroundings.

Our Indulgent Shave was recently named by Esquire magazine as one of the most luxurious shaves in America.
The Rittenhouse Spa & Club Men's Salon Services

Men's Grooming Services

  • Men's Haircuts
  • Hair Color
  • Hot Shaves


Sit back and enjoy an old fashion shave. We'll pamper you with steaming towels, a facial massage, and the straight edge removal of those unwanted whiskers.


Step up to a premier shaving experience. A straight edge razor foam shave. After a towel steam and the removal of the unwanted hair, we cool your skin down with a refreshing facial mask, making your skin feel baby soft, a soothing eye mask and a relaxing facial massage for the premier experience.


Indulge yourself with the ultimate shave. Start with a hot towel steam, straight edge razor foam shave, then a soothing eye mask, relaxing face massage and a rejuvenating facial mask. While your mask is sitting we add a 10-minute lemon-grass scalp massage, that will send you off to heaven. This is the ultimate shave experience!

Gentlemen'S Treatments The Rittenhouse Spa & Club

Gentlemen's Treatments

Are you a Philadelphia gentleman, a weary traveller, or a sportsman who's feeling the strain of victory? Maybe you're all three? Either way, we've got you covered. Our specially created selection of treatments, massages and experiences for gentlemen will take care of your skin, nails and aching muscles.

Active Tonic

(Duration - 60 mins)
Re-energize tired, aching backs, feet and legs after a hard day on the green. Feet are first treated to a revitalizing scrub before the legs and feet are massaged with an individually selected pure essential oil blend. Next, the back is exfoliated and treated to a deeply restorative massage with Hot Stones.

Men's Deep Cleansing Facial

(Duration - 60 mins)
Whether your skin needs a deep cleanse, a healthy glow, soothing or hydrating, we encourage our male guests to experience this personalized treatment that combines a relaxing shoulder, neck, face and scalp massage with a tailored solution to your skin's needs.

Back Sculpture

(Duration - 60 mins)
What most men consider the most neglected, yet considerably important area to keep in top form. The entire back area will be thoroughly cleansed, toned, and exfoliated. After which extractions will take place if needed. Hydrating essential oils in a vegetal base will be applied and massaged into the skin. Followed by an application of a bioactive sea silt mask and finishing with a hydrating and sebum balancing lotion.

Eye Grooming

(Duration - 20 mins)
This treatment has been specifically designed to rejuvenate tired and overworked eyes. The area will be gently cleansed and heat compresses will be applied to alleviate dryness and promote relaxation. A hydrating mask will be applied, while specific acupressure points around the eyes are stimulated resulting in a visible toning effect.

Gents Signature Manicure

(Duration - 45 mins)
This treatment focuses on a man's hands and arms. Designed for keeping a firm and presentable hand shake as well as relieve pain caused by extensive laptop use, the treatment uses in depth reflexology on the forearm, wrist and hand. A hydrating sea silt mask process is applied to clean and repair the hands. Cuticles and nails will then be trimmed and buffed before a hydrating finishing cream is applied.

Gents Signature Pedicure

(Duration - 45 mins)
For athletes or men on their feet all day, this ultimate pedicure includes cleansing of the feet, black diamond exfoliation, reflexology and an in- depth foot and ankle massage. A hydrating sea silt mask will be applied, cuticles and toenails will be trimmed and buffed and a hydrating cream will round out the treatment, all to improve a man's performance on his feet.

The Gentleman's Ultimate Treatment Experience

(Duration - 4 hours)
This unique experience, exclusive to The Rittenhouse, brings together all of our gentleman's treatments in one all-day package, for the optimal levels of rest and relaxation. You can also choose to add an old-fashioned shave, a glass of the finest scotch and a good cigar to round out this gentlemen-only experience.
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