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The Rittenhouse Spa & Club Top 5 Wellness Tips for Fall

Top 5 Wellness Tips for Fall

Fall is a great time of the year for shaping up and starting a fitness program. It's the perfect time to start creating good habits for the upcoming holiday season and winter months where we can tend to overeat and stay indoors more than usual. Preparing for the winter months does not only include a dedicated fitness program, it includes a full commitment to a health and wellness program for dietary needs, including:
  • Fall Cleaning - Just as important as spring cleaning, fall clean your entire house, especially dank, dare areas, is important to get rid of mold, dust and dirt.

  • Hydration - Stay hydrated with lots of water throughout the day to strengthen your immune system and help keep the common cold at bay.

  • Get Outside - Enjoy the fabulous fall weather and change in scenery by getting outdoors. Enjoy a scenic run, bike ride, or hike or join a league sport like soccer.
  • Aerobic Activity - Ease any joint or arthritic pain by enjoy light aerobic activities. Enjoy a swim in the pool or a weekly yoga class at the spa.
  • Sleep Well - Ensure that you are getting a good night's rest by maintaining a regular bed and wake time. With a balanced sleep time, your immune system will be strong.
  • Set in a sophisticated milieu overlooking the decadent beauty of Rittenhouse Square, The Rittenhouse Spa & Club is a haven of relaxation featuring fabulous spa services, a fitness center, indoor pool, and outdoor terrace garden. For more information about our spa, go to https://www.therittenhousespaclub.com/.
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