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About 4 year(s) ago by The Rittenhouse Spa and Club
Best Outdoor Exercises Check out these workouts that combine fitness with some fresh air. Cardio machines like ellipticals and treadmills make exercise easier by doing more work for you. Working out outdoors is the best way to sculpt those muscles and melt off calories.

Start with some simple yoga poses.

From Downward-Facing Dog to squats and side lunges, yoga is an exercise program that’s even better in a natural, open-air setting. Learn some basic power poses to target core muscles in the arms, legs, gluts and abdominals. Yoga also reduces stress and has a number of other benefits for long-term health. Pair your spa treatments at the Rittenhouse with mindful exercise, and you’ll feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

Do push-ups anywhere.

Some sources say that the push-up is the very best exercise there is. Alternate between sets of push-ups with sets of sit-ups. If you have the upper-body strength, find a tree and incorporate pull-ups into your regimen as well.

Get moving.

Running is a high-impact workout, which means it’s not the right choice for everyone. But just walking has considerable health benefits, and it’s something you can do even socially. Head out to the park and enjoy a sunny afternoon on a brisk stroll. If you want to take your fitness to the next level, see if you could sprint up a hill. By varying the intensity of your cardio workout in intervals, you’re sure to work up a sweat and see some results.

Go for a bike ride.

With Philadelphia’s new Bike Share Program, you can visit a station and start cycling. This exciting new program is now live. To sign up, you can visit http://www.rideindego.com/ Book your stay at the Rittenhouse today, and take advantage of these fun workouts plus our fitness center and pool.
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