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About 5 year(s) ago by The Rittenhouse Spa & Club - Hair by Paul Labrecque
Prolong the Life of Your Next Hydrafacial with These Tips

The change in seasons is always stressful for skin. Going from fall to winter is the most extreme change leaving skin feeling lifeless and helpless. Unfortunately, unprotected and uncared for skin ages quicker than we would expect. Don't worry. There is hope! Diamond Extreme collection by Natura Bisse has a combination of exclusive active ingredients such as Artemia Salina that has an extraordinary power to infuse skin with energy, regenerate and protect against cellular aging. Its Mediterranean floral scent with delicious notes of lavender will ease mood changes delivering a bonus of wellbeing and relaxation. 


Prolong the effects of Hydrafacial with the following tips:


Hydrate from within. Drink plenty of water.
  1. Hydrate regularly with quality ingredients like Hyaluronic acid. The cure Hydrating Toner will not only hydrate your skin temporarily it will create a protective barrier and work throughout the day by attracting moisture from the air.

  2. Exfoliate twice a week to free your skin from build up and let good ingredients absorb effortlessly.

  3. Grow a new "army" of healthy cells by restoring damaged cells and stimulating growth of new cells. Vitamin C is a great ingredient for that purpose. C+C vitamin complex by Natura Bisse has an extraordinary power of numerous potent vitamin C molecules to restore and stimulate.

  4. Protect from outside elements and sun. UVA rays of the sun are present year around and they are guilty in damaging skin's DNA. Sunscreen will minimize this damage insuring more rapid repair of cells and protection from further damage. The Cure Sheer Cream 15 SPF is the best product for this purpose.
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