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Our Top Priority - Our Guests

Caring Spa Experiences

The Rittenhouse Spa & Club is now open. We look forward to welcoming you back. If you have questions or concerns about a future appointment or would like to drop us a note until we see you again, please email us at Feel free to check in with us on social media via @rittenhousespa.

Keeping You Safe
  • Hand sanitizer for guests
  • Guests and stylists are required to wear masks. Guests may take off masks when availing certain services like facials, and makeup.
  • Guests are advised to practice physical distancing by standing at least six feet away from other people.
  • Lobby furniture and seating in al public areas are reconfigured to promote social distancing.
  • Enhanced cleaning standards throughout the club and spa.
  • Use of superior cleaning products with a greater concentration of bacteria-killing ingredients following CDC guidelines.
  • All spa rooms are cleaned with high-quality cleaning materials after each service.